Atrisan Stone Mason, Bricklayer and Builder with more than 25 years experience situated in Mazamet and Aussillon


Founded in 2014 and located in Mazamet/Aussillon, the company carries out general stone masonry work, new projects, renovation and restoration. As the profession evolves, we train regularly to combine methods and know-how, from the most traditional drystone walling to the most modern.

With a rich professional career in structural work, reinforced concrete, stones, bricks, pavements, historical monuments, pavilions etc and recognized expertise, we are at your disposal to study your project and find the best solution to your building or renovation needs.

Any project requiring it, a soil study will be carried out to ensure the sustainability of your project. We are members of the Qualité Artisan label, adhere to CAPEB and a member of a tax administration approved management centre.

Maçonnerie en Mazamet qui respectant au mieux l’environnement
We aim for complete satisfaction:
  • By offering a personalised assesment
  • By completing quality work
  • By choosing the most suitable materials
  • By using the right matrial
  • By prioritising local resources
  • By respecting the environment and "your environment" as much as possible
  • By leaving a clean, neat work site
Our customers are:
  • Individuals
  • Companies (factories, garages, laboratories, workshops, shops etc.)
  • Local communities

An English speaking builder ready to discuss your projects in English.